Choosing the Best Breast Implant Surgeon

Choosing the best breast implant surgeon is an enormously personal and individual choice. It is very important that your surgeon be well trained and qualified to do the procedure you are thinking about. An American Board of Medical Specialty should certify a surgeon. The American board of plastic surgery is the most important board regulating plastic surgeons and their training. You can also contact the American Board of Plastic surgery at their website or call them directly at (215) 587-9322.

Even if a surgeon is board-certified that is still not a guarantee that the surgeon can perform the procedure to the level of excellence that you may desire. It is important to make sure your surgeon trained at universities that are well known for excellence. Many doctors receive training in foreign countries where the requirements for training are more lax then those in the United States. Currently the United States has the most rigorous and organized medical training in the world. Make sure your surgeon has done all of their training in the United States, especially medical school and residency. Also make sure your surgeon has trained at centers known for excellence.

Dr. Smith’s Training and Credentials

Dr. Smith has trained and excelled in some of the best training programs and most prestigious universities in the United States including Stanford University and the world famous Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic has been consistently ranked as the best or second best medical facility in the world for the past 80 years. Please give us a call at 702.838.2455 to learn more about Dr. Lane Smith, and we’ll show you why he believes he’s the best breast implant surgeon for you. Or Dr. Lane Smith’s Surgical Training and Credentials to learn more about Dr. Lane Smith’s Credentials in Plastic Surgery


Smith Plastic Surgery is a new, state of the art, fully accredited, through AAAASF, surgical facility. As a private facility the patient is able to have more flexibility in scheduling, lower overall costs to the patient, offer more discretion and privacy than a public facility, offer increased specialization and safety.


  • University of Utah, BS 1985
  • University of Utah Medical School 1988
  • Otolaryngology Internship, University of Texas 1989
  • Otolaryngology Residency, University of Texas 1993
  • Plastic Surgery Fellowship, Stanford University 1994
  • Plastic Surgery Residency, Mayo Clinic 2001

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery 2003
  • American Boardof Cosmetic Surgery 2005
  • American Board of Otolaryngology 1994
  • American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1997


  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Utah Medical Association
  • American Society of Otolaryngology
  • American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons

Hospital Affiliations

  • Summerlin Hospital, Las Vegas Nevada
  • Specialty Surgical Center, Las Vegas Nevada

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

A woman’s breasts has become an important symbol of femininity and beauty in Las Vegas. It is one of the key features that distinguishes male from female, and as such it is given significant importance. Because of the importance placed on breasts, a woman who does not develop breasts or who develops very small breasts often feels inferior or disadvantaged. She may have difficulty finding clothes that fit or feel embarrassed to wear a swimsuit. Often self-esteem suffers. Sometimes a woman develops one large breast and another small one. This can be a great source of psychological trauma to the woman and a woman may even feel “deformed” or “abnormal.” It is nice to know that for those who desire to have larger or more symmetrical breasts there is a way to accomplish this. After surgery patients typically feel more feminine and more attractive. Clothes fit better and frequently self-esteem increases. Often patients feel it is the very best investment they ever made.

What Breast Implants Can and Can’t Accomplish

Breast implants are used to increase breast size. Sometimes by placing a larger implant on one side, we can help even out breast size and volume. This will help correct asymmetries in terms of size. However, implants will not correct other asymmetries other then breast volume. They will not correct an inverted nipple, a large areola, or drooping breasts. . If the nipple position is different between the two breasts they will not correct this problem. There are techniques to correct this, but not by using breast implants alone. In short breast implants are used to increase volume and that is their main purpose.

Breast Implants Do Not Lift the Breasts

Breast implants do not lift the breasts more than ¾ of an inch. This means breast implants will not lift drooping breasts. If the breasts are drooping they will need some type of a breast lift. Breast implants can fill a deflated breast after pregnancy, but they will not lift the breasts if they are drooping more than an inch.

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