Boob Job Surgery?

If you can’t find many doctors performing boob job surgeries, it’s because we prefer to call the surgery “Breast Augmentation”. It’s assumed the “job” being performed is augmenting, increasing the size of the breast tissue. Dr. Lane Smith is, not only, one of the leading breast implant surgeons in Las Vegas, however he’s ranked as one of the highest surgeons in the country.

Breast Implant Guide

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery put together a resource for women looking to learn more about “boob jobs”, which we do not prefer that term. We find it’s important to educate yourself as a consumer, and learn as much as possible about this life-changing procedure. In this guide, you’ll find pros and cons about breast implants, how the procedure is performed, how your breast implants will be placed, and what options you should consider. Or, visit our interactive narrative that will guide you through an online presentation.

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