Cost of Breast Surgery and Financing

How much will Breast Surgery Cost?

During your visit, Dr. Smith will evaluate your needs and work with you to formulate a treatment plan that is best for you. After this is done, Dr. Smith will estimate the amount of operative time it will take to complete your surgery. The length of time a surgery takes, varies with the difficulty and amount of surgery (remember that the length of time the surgery takes is the number one factor in determining the total cost of breast surgeries). For example, a heavier person will take longer to liposuction then some one who is thinner, and the charge for liposuction may be more. If there are several surgeries involved the cost for each surgery will be listed separately as well as a fee for all surgeries if they are done at the same time. Because you have to be put under anesthesia and awoken from anesthesia only once, it usually costs less to do several things at once versus doing each surgery individually.

This time estimate of the surgery or surgeries is given to one of Dr. Smith’s consultants who will then figure out the entire cost of the surgery or surgeries including anesthesia, the operating room, and the materials (such as implants), etc… The consultant will then come in the room and give you the surgical fee.

What is a surgical fee and what does it include?

The surgical fee at the Smith Plastic Surgery includes all the costs of the surgery including the cost of the anesthesia, the anesthesiologist, the operating room and staff, any materials needed (such as implants), Dr. Smith’s fees and four postoperative visits. The surgical fee does not include the cost of your postoperative medications such as your postoperative pain pills and antibiotics, and it does not include the cost of your preoperative lab fees, any scar creams or if necessary the leg squeezers (used to prevent blood clots when necessary.) Usually these are relatively small costs and health insurance will cover these costs.  Four postoperative visits are usually more then adequate for normal healing and this is included with your surgery. The postoperative visits are usually scheduled for the day after surgery, the first week after surgery, around 4 to 6 weeks after surgery and the 4 to 6 months after surgery. If a patient elects to have more than 4 postoperative visits, there will be a 50$ charge for each additional visit. This is because some patients are more needy then others and may want excessive visits. This is fine with Dr. Smith, but a small charge after 4 visits will help defray some of the office costs and prevent visits that are truly unnecessary. If it has been more than one year after surgery, the cost of a clinic visit is $100.

The Average cost of breast surgery

Below is a list of the average costs of some of the more common breast surgeries. Please note that these are only estimates and that the exact cost will be given to you at the time of your first consultation. The actual costs will vary depending on the amount, time and difficulty of your surgery. Please note that when we are asked to repair another surgeon’s work the cost of the surgery will often be more because the surgery will take longer and be more difficult. The costs are usually less when one or more surgeries are done at the same time. These are the approximate costs of surgeries at the time of this publication and are subject to change. They may also change depending on what the patient actually needs.  Some patients are more difficult than others.

Routine breast augmentation:  $4500 to $6000 with saline implants, $5500 to $6800 with silicone implants.

Natural breast augmentation (fat transfer to breasts:)  $7500 to $9800

Breast reduction surgery: $7500 to $9500

Breast lift surgery without implants:  $6800 to $9200

Breast lift surgery with implants:   $8000 to $10,800

Liposuction:  $1700 to $3800 for each area. Things that come in pairs are counted as one area; for example, one area would be both outer thighs or both arms.  The abdomen would be one area or the submental region would be one area.

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