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Award-winning, Dr. Lane Smith, has helped many women transform their sexy bodies with breast implants. Bree, for example, came to Dr. Smith for her breast augmentation to enhance her modeling career.

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Many women say they gain a boost of confidence after the breast augmentation. Breast implants create sexier, curvier body’s that make you feel more womanly.

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Meet Dr. Lane Smith

Dr. Lane Smith is the Medical Director of Smith Plastic Surgery, Las Vegas. He’s been a surgeon for over twenty-three years, specializing in plastic surgery, and breast implants, for over the past thirteen years. Additionally, he’s been ranked as the most experience, by sheer volume of breast augmentation surgeries. For these reasons, Dr. Smith has become the most sought after plastic surgeon in Las Vegas.

As a practitioner, Dr. Smith cares about your wants, and most importantly, needs! Your care is his top priority, so he takes his time explaining, to you, the breast augmentation procedure. A big question is, “what type of breast implant should I choose?” Though it’s important to understand each type, he patiently explains which would serve you best.

Patient Testimonials

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of these patients for sharing their experience with you. If not for their contribution, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have helped out as many patients as I have. It’s because of this, that I extend my utmost gratitude to each and everyone of of you that shares your experience.

Thank you kindly,
Dr. Lane Smith

Dr. Lane Smith, I can not thank you enough for everything you have done for me! I am so thankful you were nice enough to stay in surgery for me til the early morning! I do not know any surgeons who are as caring and generous as you! Words can not describe how much better I feel and I have you to thank!! If I ever hear anyone mention plastic surgery I will be sure to say you are THE one to go to hands down! Your staff and anesthesiologist are by far the best group of people I have dealt with! They make me feel safe and calm! Yourself and everyone at your office puts a smile on my face and makes me feel welcome! I have seen surgeons on t.v., but no one does as an amazing, natural work as you! THANK YOU!

Dr. Smith, I am grateful to you for being so sensitive towards me during this time in my life when I feel so fragile. Thank you for helping me make the decisions to have a less dratic lipo procedure done. Many doctors in your position would be thinking dollar signs but you put your patients first. I know you have taken extra time with me and I appreciate it. You are a kind man.

Dear Dr. Smith & Staff, Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me! It means so much to me to be able to put my trust in professional, yet caring, medical staff. From Cameron, who remembered me from SLC, to the friendly, helpful girls who greeted me & cared for me, to Dr. Crowley…who is the best anesthesiologist I’ve ever encountered, to Dr. Smith, whom I love & trust with my life…I love & appreciate you ALL!! I’ve blabbed about you all over the state. Thank You for making the saddness on my face, go away. Always…

Dearest Dr. Smith, Thanks a million for doing my breast implants, I like them. Also many many thanks for re—connecting and re—doing my lipo on my stomach, You are a wonderful & generous & kind doctor. I would also like to Thank Dr. Crowley and the entire staff who has always helped me and been most kind to me before & after surgery! Thank you for all your hardwork. It is much appreciated. Warm Regards…



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According to U.S. News Health, these doctors are
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Dr. Mrudangi Thakur

Jefferson Valley, NY
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Years in Practice

Years in Practice

dr lane smith ASPS certified plastic surgeon
dr lane smith ABFPRS certified plastic surgeon
dr lane smith board certified plastic surgeon
dr lane smith otolaryngology certified plastic surgeon

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